Skechers GoRun Ride 8

After trying the new Skechers GoRun Ride 8 I've been inspired to start an irregular shoe review here on my blog. Probably the 2nd most asked question I get is, what is the best running shoe? While that question is easy to answer, the one that feels best on your foot. It's often not the response most people want to hear. So as I get the opportunity to train in a variety of shoes, I'll be providing you with feedback on current shoes so you can make a more informed decision for your feet. If you are looking for all the technical details on fabrics, foams, technology, and glues, this blog isn't going to be that. All of the tech talk is fun and geeky, but is useless if the shoe doesn't perform under pressure. So these reviews will be boiled down to the meat and potatoes of the shoe.

Photograph by Bill Wilde

When you think of a good running shoe, it's ok to admit that Skechers doesn't normally come to mind. But starting about 8 years ago Skechers made the move to specialty running shoes and has even managed to win a Boston Marathon on the feet of Meb Keflezighi. The 7th version of this shoe was a staple of mine when I was a Skechers Performance Athlete from late 2016-2018. I loved it. It was durable and responsive. I was able to squeak 500+ miles out of every shoe. But it had several flaws. For one the grip was horrendous. If the road or track was wet at all it was like running on ice. The knit upper would get soaked very quickly if it so much as drizzled. Despite these issues, at the time it was my second favorite training shoe ever. Behind only the Nike Pegasus 29. With the Ride 8, not only did they address the flaws, they made improvements from top to bottom. Often with that many updates, you wonder how it's still under the same name. But with updates galore, somehow they managed to keep the sole of the shoe intact. With 22 years of running experience, and all 22 of them in shoes, this is the best running shoe I've ever put on my foot. Here is how it breaks down:

The first thing you notice when you slide your foot into the shoe is the soft HyperBurst foam. Gone is the old FlightGen foam that had a bit of a clunkly feel but it was responsive. The new foam, through what can only be described as magic, is somehow soft and responsive at the same time. Normally if a shoe is soft, it won't have the responsive feel you need for quicker running. With the HyperBurst foam you get the nice soft cushioned ride you are looking for on longer training runs, but also get a lot of energy return with each step. This makes the shoe feel springy and alive. At 8.7 oz it will most likely be the lightest daily trainer in your arsenal.

The Ride 8 upper is super light weight. It's a no frills, all business approach to holding your foot in place. The midfoot is snug in the right places and the toe box is much roomier than previous models. It's so roomy they almost run a half size too big. I'm generally a size 11 and could most likely get away with wearing a 10.5. So if you are border line on sizes I'd say size down half a size.

Ground reaction:
With a Goodyear Tire rubber bottom, the Ride 8 updates the slip issue of the Ride 7. Regardless if you are running 10 minute miles or sub 6 minute miles, you can feel your foot grip the road before launching into your next step. I no longer have to be super cautious on wet roads or greenways. The new grip paired with the HyperBurst foam makes this the most responsive daily cushioned trainer I've ever worn. It's so responsive it can easily be used for longer tempos without sacrificing responsiveness.

Fresh and sleek are the first words that come to mind. With some trendy throwback early 90's paint speckles, it looks new age retro so you don't feel left out when your trendy friends have other traditional throwbacks on their feet.

Wallet pain;
Coming in at $120 I'll give this a 2 out of 5 for wallet pain (5 being the most expensive shoes like the Vaporfly). With most industry flagships now running $130-$150, it's definitely a good deal. It's still hard for me to wrap my head around the escalating cost of running shoes, but with all the space age technology going into shoes these days it's not surprising to see the cost continue to rise.

Who is this shoe for? It's an everyday trainer for the runner looking for a neutral cushion shoe. Whether you're logging in 100+ mile weeks or 15-20 mile weeks, this shoe is super versatile.



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